8th Street Ale House's menu offers something for everyone, with a wide variety of
American favorites sure to keep you coming back for more.


Additions: Ocean Spray Craisins produced In Markham, Walnuts and Blue Cheese Crumbles
Dressings: Comes with our home-made Lager & Lime.
Other options Include: Honey Mustard, Raspberry Vinaigrette,
Blue Cheese, Ranch, Thousand Island and Italian.
$1.99 each


House Salad (small or large)  $3.99 / $5.99
Green leaf and Romaine blend with black olives, grape tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

Cobb  $12.99
Large house salad topped with rows of blue cheese crumbles, chicken, avocado, tomatoes, olives and bacon.

Caesar Salad (small or large)  $4.99 / $6.99
Liven it up with the addition of chicken or salmon.

Steak Salad  $13.99
4 oz. of our tender steak grilled to your taste and served warm over a bed of crisp romaine lettuce, topped with red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, red onion and blue cheese dressing.


Served With Crisps or Coleslaw
All burgers can be chicken for $1.00  
or Veg out (Portobella mushroom) for free
Sub Fries or Potato salad for $1.00


Ale House  $10.99
Marinated in 8th Street Pale Ale, topped with Artisan Swiss, pepper bacon and our signature 8th Street Ale whole grain mustard and served on fresh ciabatta bread.

The Westport  $12.99
Our own version of the Surf & Turf. We top a burger patty with one of our Dungeness blend crab cakes, Swiss cheese & finish it off with Cajun remoulade on fresh ciabatta bread.

The Stout  $9.99
Our 1/3rd pound patty topped with Swiss cheese, caramelized onions and Guinness gravy.

The Naughty Nellie  $9.99
Aberdeen's most famous madam, Nellie Curtis certainly was hot and spicy!  For her, we take our 1/3rd pound patty, dredge it in crushed red pepper and melt both American and Swiss cheeses on it.

The Plain Jane  $7.99
Just want a straight ahead no-nonsense burger?  This one is for you. Our 1/3rd pound patty, with your choice of American or Swiss cheeses.  Tomato, lettuce, pickle and onion on the side - of course.


Wings  $8.99
Your choice - Alfredo, BBQ Buffalo Ranch, Dry-Rub and You'll Hate Me in the Morning hot!  Definitely need beer with these big, bad boys.

Potato Skins or Nachos  $7.99
Topped with mozzarella, scallions, tomato and bacon (mmmmm, bacon). Then served with sour cream and pico de gallo.

Spinach Dip  $8.99
A creamy blend of spinach, garlic, cheese and artichokes, topped with tomatoes and grated parmesan.  Throw a healthy portion of toasted flat bread on the side and it's time to order a beer to go with it.

Battered Mushrooms  $5.99
Hand battered in our own 8th Street Ale House beer batter. Served with your choice of sauce.

Crab Cakes  $10.99
Made fresh with a mixture of Dungeness and Chilean Rock Crab - garlic aoili anyone?

The Eulysis  $2.99
Named after our favorite neighbor who took care of us during our building stage.  Fresh made tortilla chips and pico de gallo.

Pub Crisps  $ 2.99
Hand cut potato chips made fresh throughout the day.

Alehous Fries $3.99
A full pound of battered fries served with Cajun remoulade.  Probably would go well with something on tap, don't you think? 
Add Parmesan and garlic $1.99

Mac & Cheese Cup  $4.99



The Prima  $15.99
Named after Aberdeen's most popular locally brewed beer from 1901.  Available in both Lager and Porter it was billed as "The beer that makes Milwaukee jealous!”  Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, olives and mushrooms make this an Alehouse standard.

While this pizza doesn't have beer in it, it certainly goes well WITH beer.
But then again, what doesn't?

The Bobcat  $16.99
Chicken of course!  Chicken breast with our white sauce, tomatoes, bacon and scallions
Bobcats drink beer too - hell, we had one of the best breweries in the West - so have a beer with your Bobcat!

The Grizzly  $14.99
Now with real Grizzly meat!  Ok, maybe not, but it has tasty sausage, tomatoes, black olives, mozzarella and our own house red sauce.  Yet another pizza that goes well with beer.

Build Your Own  $10.00  plus $3.00 per meat option $2.00 per veggie or cheese option
Pepperoni, Canadian bacon (OW), breakfast bacon, chicken, sausage, onions, mushrooms, black olives, green olives, tomatoes, artichoke, fresh basil, pineapple. 


Served With Crisps or Coleslaw
Sub Fries or Potato salad for $1.00
All Originals can be made as Wraps -Just ask! 


Chipotle Pork Sandwich  $10.99
Ground pork & chipotle peppers blended perfectly and topped off with Swiss cheese & avocado and served on fresh ciabatta bread.

Veggie Wrap  $8.99
Lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms, marinated artichoke hearts, cucumber and avocado, all tossed with our lager lime vinaigrette and served inside a warm wrap with melted cheese.  (If you eat animals that eat this stuff, does that make you a vegetarian?)

Steak Sandwich  $12.99
1/3 lb. of our Certified Angus Flatiron dredged in our house seasoning blend and grilled the way you like it.  Served with our signature 8th Street Ale House whole grain mustard and served on Ciabatta bread.

Fish & Chips  $11.99
Best catch of the day dipped in our 8th Street Ale House beer batter. Served with crisps and house made tartar sauce.  

The Stuffy  $$10.99
Our shout out to the former joint that was here.  This is a Pot Roast sandwich, served hot, open-faced and with gravy.

Chicken Tenders  $8.99
Hand breaded and with crisps and remoulade - tasty!

Ale House Club  $9.99
A classic with sliced turkey breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo - served on two slices of tasty Ciabatta bread for a unique twist.

Served after 5 p.m.

All dinners come with the Chef's choice of seasonal vegetables.
Then you decide on pan-roasted baby reds or garlic mashers & Guinness gravy.
See the Specials chalkboard or ask your server for
the vegetable of the day


Catch of the Day  $21.99
There's other fish in the sea...That's what your Mother told you and Chef agrees!  We live by the sea, so ask your server what Chef has brought on board for today.

Quinault Pride Razor Clams  $15.99
Check out our take on a Grays Harbor staple.  A 3-stage breading finishing with an herbed breadcrumb pan-fried in olive oil and served with our own house made tartar.

Guinness Pot Roast  $19.99
Slow roasted for hours in the classic way - except we add BEER!  Beer makes everything better and in this case, the rich flavors of the stout infuse the meat with a malted, beery goodness.  Serve with a pile of garlic mashers and gravy.

Steak or Chicken Skillet  $19.99/$16.99
Right off the grill.  Served on a sizzling skillet brought right to your table.  Throttle it up by adding sautéed mushrooms and onions for an additional $3.50.

8th Street Ale House Sausage du Jour  $15.99
Chosen from a variety to match our exacting standards for quality and taste.  Check with your server to see what is in the pantry today.

House Pasta  $18.99
Chef can never make up his mind what is best, so he changes it up.  Ask your server or check the board for what Chef has prepared today.